Theresa Yong

Design Expert

Theresa graduated from ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN, USA with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Graphic Design & Packaging. Her expert skill sets are Consumer Trends Research & Analysis, Brand Strategy and Budget Management.

Theresa is an accomplished brand consultant with over 35 years of experience in delivering successful multidisciplinary branding projects for local and regional clients with a key focus on FMCG Consumer Packaging, Retail and Hospitality branding. Her expertise in FMCG consumer packaging branding includes brand audit, strategy, design, development and management. Some notable clients include Diana Unicharm Vietnam, Khong Guan Singapore, and Lasellefood and ABC President Indonesia. Her wealth of technical knowledge in software, printing, manufacturing and merchandising contributes to the holistic approach that she brings to every brand. Her in-depth knowledge of local and global consumer trends lends unique insights to all aspects of branding and provides a strategic platform for the marketability of a brand. An avid traveller with a keen eye for details, Theresa has developed a deep sense of appreciation and understanding of the different cultural values, heritage and lifestyle trends in Asia and around the world. This intuition, in turn, provides a relevant and effective branding framework to establish visual and emotional connections with target users.

Her clientele included ABC President Indonesia, Auric Pacific Singapore, Danone Indonesia, Heinz ABC Indonesia, Khong Guan Singapore, Lam Soon Malaysia, Lasellefood Indonesia, Tila Tole Singapore, Diana Unicharm Vietnam, World Kitchen Singapore and many more.

She joined ACTIVISION INC in USA in 1985 as an Art Director. She returned to Singapore in 1988 to join ADDISON DESIGN CONSULTANT as Group Head for Brand Identity. In 1992 she became a partner at IMMORTAL and has led its Branding team for 28 years. She has also acted as Senior Advisor for Haki and KVH Marketing from 2003 till today, and in 2016, she joined Pham Thanh Huong to form the Experts in Action Consulting Group in Vietnam

Branding manifests in every aspect of daily living in particular FMCG items which serve as an ideal platform for product benefits and lifestyle messages to connect to the key target users.