Pham Huyen Kieu

President/ Brand Consultant

Throughout 30 years of working, Pham Huyen Kieu have been conducted hundreds of research, creation, management and development brand project in all sectors of socio-economy.

Kieu actively participated in forums to promote the development of creative industry in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. In Vietnam, he hosted first activity to promote design industry at the University of Industrial Fine Arts in 1999, Graphic Chapter at Vietnam Fine Art Association in 2000 and British Council in 2001, TFIT and AU (Taiwan) from 2004, National Economy University in 2017…

In 2006, he organized the “Meet Asia Initiative at APEC forum” in Ho Chi Minh City and has now become a rotating annual activity in 11 countries.

Pham Huyen Kieu was also a founding member of the Asian Design Alliance (TDA) in 2003 in Singapore, Vietnam Design Network in Hanoi and the Asian Media Design Federation (ACDA) 2017 in Daegu, South Korea.

He is now President of Haki Group and Director of Haki Brand, devoted time to lead research, creative and innovation teams strongly focused in brand and design. Kieu also act as co-founder and Vietnam representative at the Design Alliance Asia in 2003 and at the Asia Communication Design Alliance in 2017.

Since 1993, he established Haki Group with 4 companies Haki Advertising, Haki Art Journey, Ha Kieu Ltd, Haki Craft; and recently in 2014 K Group with 3 units: KVH Marketing, Experts in Action Consulting Group, K Design. He is also the founding member of Haki Asia Brand Invest, MedicShare Consulting and Immortal Haki Singapore.

Currently, he directly leads a team of senior executive and expert network of all K Group’s companies.